Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Bathing suit shopping

Is there anything worse than bathing suit shopping?

Flourescent lights?
Change rooms without mirrors, forcing you out into a public area?
Racks and racks of bathing suits?

Noooooo thank you!

After I had baby #1, my friend Erin recommended that I visit Melmira at Yonge and Lawrence in Toronto. Best. advice. ever. You never see a rack of bathing suits. ...that's right. Your consultant talks to you about what you want and brings you a few suits at a time until you find the perfect bathing suit. It is pricey, but worth every cent. I walked away with two suits that I love and still wear.

Since my body is still in flux, I think I'll need to visit again soon before I head to the cottage in a few weeks (in other words, I think it's time for a one-piece!!!!)

UPDATE: Janice made a good point in her comment that I forgot to mention - the bathing suits Melmira carries are all sold as 'seperates', so you can get different sized tops and bottoms. Also, both the tops and one piece suits are sold in bra sizes - like 36C - so they really fit well.

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  1. Yep Melmira is totally worth it! Plus they have bathing suits from Europe that use bra size to fit so they are definitely more customizable than the S-M-L you find at Bikini Village.