Monday, 9 July 2012

Lobster and crab

This weekend we were supposed to go camping with a group of friends, but we decided not to as there were thunder showers...not fun with kids! Since my husband and I were on point for dinner, we just relocated the troops to a friend's house.

This Toronto Star article about the plummetting price of lobster inspired me to cook some live ones with corn on the cob! The plan was to boil water over the camp fire, but they tasted just as good over a gas range!

The cheapest lobsters in the city that I could fine were at T&T Supermarket down in the portlands...if you haven't been, you's famtastic: great produce, cheap milk, and tons of asian specialties, from dumplings to Peking Duck. Lobsters were a bargain at $8.99/lb! Do it!

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