Monday, 17 September 2012


I was in Boston for work on Friday. At the end of the day I stood on a downtown street corner for 30 minutes trying to get a taxi...what a difference from Toronto, where there is never a shortage of cabs!

I finally found a taxi, but half way into my trip to the airport the driver mentioned that he didn't take credit cards....and I didn't have cash on me. So he stopped at a bank machine, where I realized that my husband had my debit card (since he had left his wallet at work) so I was TOTALLY screwed!

I explained my situation to the cabbie, as unbelievable as it was, expecting him to leave me high and dry on the side of the street. Instead, he smiled sympathetically, dropped me off at the airport, and left me with his mailing address, asking that I send him the money.

Don't you love moments that remind you that there is still so many good, trusting people in the world? It is so refreshing. Here's hoping my cabbie friend Khalid of Boston gets some good karma in his life. He deserves it.

PS - My return address labels are from the Penny People Paper Co. - last year I gave my mom some for Christmas....and couldn't resist ordering some for myself. I think they'd make a great housewarming gift!


  1. I love it!! Those are great moments. Hope you gave him a good tip!

  2. (a) I HATE when cabs say they don't take credit cards. Drives me UP THE WALL. especially since most (apparently not yours) do when your going to / coming from the airport.
    (b) I like how you are returning niceness with niceness
    (c) return address labels are a brilliant housewarming gift!! Why haven't I thought of that??