Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Cards from the heart

For occassions like Mother's Day, I have my daughter make cards. I buy blank cards at Michaels or Staples, and we personalize them for birthdays, Christmas, or whatever the occassion may be. This way I am never scrambling for a card at the last minute! Who doesn't like receiving a homemade card decorated with colourful scribbles, right??


  1. I'll continue to check the mailbox for my card :)

  2. Love homemade cards too! If you're looking for a different idea at all, the teacher at my daughter's pre-school taped a border on the blank cards (which stuck them to the table) with painter's tape and let them paint the inside with watercolours. They looked like little pieces of framed artwork.

    1. Such a cute idea...and I just bought my daughter her first set of paints, so this is very timely! I'm going to try it!