Friday, 1 June 2012

Grandpa's birthday suprise

Isn't suprising people fun?

Yesterday was my Dad's 65th birthday, and my mom is throwing a big party for him this weekend. I decided to fly to Vancouver for the weekend with my 9 month old son and suprise my Dad. When I arrived, I quietly put 9 month old Miles in the front hall and my Mom called my Dad up to help her with a 'special package'. Grandpa was suprised indeed to see his Grandson sitting there smiling at him!!!

I had this onzie custom made in Toronto at the "T-shirt Guys", located at Logan and Dundas. I was able to custom order it to exactly what I wanted and they turned the job around super quickly. The printing is silk screened using soy based paint and the onzie is a really soft cotton. I would highly recommend this place, and they do orders of all sizes.

So fun....okay the flight was a bit of an ordeal (I missed my original flight and then mistakingly put all my babies' food in my checked cadet moment!!!), but being here is great!!


  1. also - his thighs are sooo chubby in this photo. love them!