Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Loot bags

Oh, loot bags. You are a tougher nut to crack than I expected! How to find items that are in keeping with the party theme, that 3 year olds will like, that parents won't throw out, and aren't prohibitively expensive.....mon dieu!

In the end I decided on:
- A paddle board (those rackets with the elastic cord with a ball attached on the end)...too advanced for 3 year olds?...maybe
- Sports stickers
- A twisty straw
- Lolly pops and pop rock candy
- A bouncy ball
- A sports medal

....all from the Dollar Store, Bulk Barn, and The Party Store.


  1. Wow!! The Loot bags look awesome. Remember to make everyone takes there's, and Maybe even put names on them.  I used to always forget to take mine and get super bummed.

  2. Thanks!! I am glad you like them. That's a great idea about the name tags - I should totally do that. xo