Thursday, 1 March 2012

Early morning activities....muffins

This morning both my children were up for the day at 4am, thanks to the time change from Toronto (this is despite the fact that I kept them up and put them to bed at the right time, 7pm, local Vancouver time). I almost lost my mind. After about 30 minutes of trying to get everyone back to sleep, I realized that it was hopeless, and so we came downstairs and made muffins.

I am obsessed with heat proof silicone, like these muffin cups. I (as does my mom) also have an assortment of heat proof spatulas, flippers (OXO makes the best one) and egg poachers, all made from heat proof silicone. When I was buying the egg poachers at Kitchen Roots on the Danforth, I had my choice between expensive and inexpensive ones. Apparently there is a variety of 'grades' of silicone, and the most expensive ones are chemical free and won't leach anything into your food. That sounds like a good thing to me!

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