Saturday, 14 April 2012

1, 2, 3, 4...

...tell me that you love me more...isn't that Feist song addictive?

After sewing the new pillows for my living room (blogged about here), I was left with a little bit of left over fabric...just enough to make 4 little bean bags that will fit perfectly in a toddler's hand.

Currently my husband and daughter play soccer in the living room; I'm hoping they'll take to tossing these babies instead...not that these can't do damage, but at least there is a lower risk of rebounds smashing my lamps. ...and they match the decor, to boot! (my husband accuses me of sucking the fun out of childhood with such comments, but I can't help it!)

PS: I used beautiful dried white navy beans inside...they look like little perfect little pearls and are just the right size to make a delicate feeling bean bag....not dense or heavy. I seriously writing about bean bags in such detail? Ohhh mat leave, what have you done to my brain?

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