Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Paint colours

As I blogged about yesterday, I am doing some small updates to the front of our home.

The hardest part has been selecting paint colours.

I visited my local paint store and picked up a number of Benjamin Moore sample pots of colours I liked from those teeny tiny chips. Each small pot of paint was $7.99, which seems reasonable until you buy 3 paint options for each of the door, trim, and main colour! But in the grand scheme of things it was well worth the money, since when I painted the samples today, I realized I would have made some very bad decisions had I went with my impressions from the little paint chips! Oh, how misleading a little square of colour can be!

I think I have arrived on (all Benjamin Moore) Dolpfin for the deck and wood trim, Fossil for the window panes, and Silver Marlin for the door.

But these are tough decisions and I keep changing my mind! Some people have told me I shouldn't paint my door, some people think adding white trim will be too much...there is an ocean of decisions to make and I feel lost!

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