Monday, 20 August 2012


I am doing a few small curb appeal upgrades to the exterior of our house starting later this week.

First, the barn-fence-like railing we currently have is coming down, in favour of something more traditional (ie, vertical spindles!). I am also adding a second railing along the stairs to make the entrance look a bit more formal.

Next, the tired, worn, grungy runner is coming off faster than you can say "uggggg-ly!"

Finally, the entire deck will be painted, as will all other trim including that ugly looking wood panelling on the second story, the window frames, and door. The brick will remain unpainted.

The deck and wood panelling is going to be a dark greyish-mocha, the window frames a creamy white, and the door will likely be a robin's egg blue with some grey in it. I have ordered all my paint samples for pick up later today, and tomorrow I will start testing them (I have learned my lesson before from not testing colours properly)!

If you have any ideas for me, please send them in! I feel so unequipped to make these decisions!

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