Saturday, 4 February 2012

Bedtime bible

My first baby was a horendous sleeper. It would take us hours to get her to fall asleep, and then she would wake up five to eight times a night. My husband and I felt angry, helpless, and nauseous most days.
I remember reflecting on how funny it was that when I was pregnant I thought that a Bugaboo would make me a happy mom, and it iturns out I would have happily taken the lamest stroller on the market if my child would only sleep.

When my daughter was around 5 months old we made the difficult decision to do some hard core sleep training. We heard a lot of tears, but within a week, we were blessed with a pretty good sleeper. It was nothing short of amazing.

Since then, this book has been my bible. It has seen us through teething, illness, the move to a 'big girl' bed, and the unthinkable soother elimination. Now, it is my go-to resource for sleep training my son.

I like this book because it offers a range of approaches, appealing to both the timid and the brave when it comes to listening to your child cry. It also covers most every situation and stage...and most of all, the strategies work and I have my evenings back to blog!

I also know a number of Moms who have successfully used the The Sleep Doula's services. They say its the best $200 they have ever spent.

Wishing you a blissful night of soundly sleeping children....

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  1. Oh Weisbluth. I should get a commission for the number of times I have recommended this book to others!