Monday, 6 February 2012

Matters of the heart

Have you started thinking about Valentine's Day? It just makes me feel all gushy to think about having a day when the clock stops and we all take a moment to tell that special someone how much we love them...I know, I know, we should do it without the Hallmark holiday, but it's a good reminder to do so.

I have been looking at this heart shaped cookie cutter, trying to think of how I can use it to make a special meal for my husband on Valentine's Day....heart shaped tartar? Quinoa salad in a heart shaped nest of grilled red peppers? We are going to go out to officially celebrate at Libretto the following week (when my sister can babysit!) but I'd like to do something special on the actual day as well, once the rugrats are sleeping. Do you have any romantic recipes?

I've started pulling together his gift as well. For celebrations like Valentine's Day I try to pick special sentimental gifts that don't break the bank. ....I should keep my ideas a secret in case he's reading this, but I'll let you into the fold soon!


  1. I made these last year:

  2. These are so cute and look so delicious.....though I suspect I'd eat them all before my husband got home! I have the post-pregnancy munchies all the time!