Friday, 3 February 2012

In praise of PC...paper napkins

I have an eclectic assortment of linen napkins - some bought used, some bought new, and some inherited. But all of them tell my guests they are deserving of the work that goes into a cloth napkin; perfectly washed, ironed, and folded.

I wish I could send this message every day to those I cook for, but it's just not practical. ...and who would bother now that PC has created such a beautiful assortment of paper napkins? From cocktail to dinner sized, from whimsical to modern patterns...they have it all.

I keep hearing how much better Joe and PC are in the suburbs, but for us urbanites I have found that the Home section at Don Mills and Eglinton is pretty darn good....and if you don't care to venture that far North, the Loblaws at Leslie and Lakeshore has a mini home section, as does the 'hidden' Loblaws on Redway.

What is your favourite place for Joe and PC?

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