Friday, 17 February 2012

Poster framing...update

Yesterday, I blogged here about framing a poster that my husband and I bought in Quebec City a few years ago.

To get the poster mounted on foam core and a new mat cut, I headed to the framing store at Pape and Danforth (North East side). I must admit that I've had a bad experience here before. The last time I went, my item took 3 weeks because the owner said he didn't like to work hard any more, as he had worked hard his whole life and now he is focused on relaxing. I am someone who loves to support small business, but admittedly, this had me a little irritated. Nonetheless, I decided to give them another chance yesterday. This time the woman in the shop refused to order a white mat for me since it was a lot of work to order just one mat, and the only colours she had on hand to offer were yellow and green. I'm beginning to think these folks don't actually want to be in business.

So instead I headed to Frame Maker at Jones and Queen E. The gentleman that I worked with was extremely helpful and provided a very fair quote. Done and done. I will pick up my poster and new mat in a few days!

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  1. I can't imagine being a business owner and acting that way! WTH?! I'm glad that you found a business that actually wants to do work for you. :P