Friday, 10 February 2012

Fuss-free PC

In our dining room we have an elegant antique dining room suite which we inherited from my Grandmother. The problem is that it is in the middle of our house, and so is also the place where we drop our keys, use our laptops (despite a lovely home office upstairs), eat, colour, write cheques...etcetera.

So it needs to be covered if it's going to survive another decade. I bought this simple cream table cloth with a tone on tone plaid from PC Home just before the holidays. It is very inexpensive, and so I assumed I would use it once and have to toss it. Not true. There are two wonderful things about this table cloth.

1) It is made of some sort of miracle fabric that doesn't wrinkle. You can pull it right out of the dryer and put it on your table. Voila.

2) It is made of some sort of miracle fabric that doesn't stain. We put it to the ultimate test a few weeks ago with a curry dinner for 10 adults and 8 kids. The table was absolutely drenched in deep red and yellow curry sauces. I put a bit of stain spray on the really bad spots and threw it in the wash. Everything came out!

I have a friend who always offers to help out when he comes for dinner. I jokingly always tell him he can iron the table cloth because I know how ridiculous he thinks it is that anyone would iron a table cloth. ...well now I can find a new chore for him!! Bring on the dishes!

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