Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Mirror mirror on the wall, am I the biggest disaster of them all?

Do you ever start projects that you think will be quick and easy that turn into total disasters? I accuse my husband of this all the time, but it turns out this time I'm the guilty party. That's right. I'm admitting that I'm wrong. Mark down the date and time because it doesn't happen often.

I started with a mirror from Home Sense that I hung in my front hall. The frame was a bronzy colour, which I was fond enough of until my sister pointed out that much of my house is beige. In face she said 'you have a very beige life'. This made me upset, as I like to think of myself as a colourful person.

But I knew in part she was right. I often make conservative decor choices, even though it's not what a gravitate to in magazines. So I took action. I got a new runner for the front hall that has a lovely bricky/orangey/rusty/peachy colour to it. I saw this post on Lindsay Stephenson's blog and was inspired to spray paint the mirror a punchy colour to match. Easy peasy, right?

I dutifully taped the pieces of mirror so no paint would get on them. This was the first unexpected hurdle, as the pieces of glass are all very angular and difficult to cover with the tape. This probably took 2 hours.

Next, I headed to Canadian Tire to buy some spray paint. They would not let me sample the spray paint and their colours were somewhat limited, so I made my decision based on the little colour contact sheet. Risky, I know. The colour I chose was called poppy. I told myself that the name sounded reddy/orangey/pinky, so it would work out fine.

I came home and spray painted the mirror on my front lawn. Two problems. 1) I spray painted my tree and my grass by mistake and now my front lawn looks like it's covered in much for curb appeal 2) Poppy is decidedly pink. Argh.

A few weeks pass...the mirror sits in my hallway covered in green tape and pink paint

I decide that all is not lost. I pulled out my set of acrylic paints and tried to mix the colour I want and just hand paint the mirror. The colour is not bad, but now the paint looks goopy and matte, not the glossy look I was hoping for.

Yesterday I started peeling off the tape. Much of it is stuck under the frame thanks to gobs of paint, and somehow I still managed to get paint on the mirror itself.

I am going to continue trying to rescue this poor mirror, but I'm not very hopeful.

Keep your fingers crossed for me...

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  1. scrap the paint off the mirror with a razor biggies!