Friday, 10 February 2012

Magic mittens

These mitts will change your life....I swear it! I learned about them from my friend Erin. They are a modern version of those old school mitts with the string that went through your coat from one hand to the other.

Made by Thinsulate, the mitts feature long sock-like stretchy cuffs that protect little arms from wind and snow, fit snuggly under coats, and prevent mitts from falling off. There is an infant version that has no thumb hole. They are adorable.

Best of all they are made right here in Canada.

I know that you can find these mitts at Fab Baby Gear and Hundred Mile Child on the Danforth, as well as Baby on the Hip, and they retail for around $30. This is the second winter that my daugther has worn hers, and I think they'll fit next year too, so they have some longevity.

Get your babe a pair just in time for tonight's snow storm!

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  1. I now have two different sizes of infant ones and need to get Ada a bigger pair with thumbs. They really are the best!