Sunday, 5 February 2012

Mmmmmmmini mandarins

My daughter likes to stack oranges and grapes and berries like this and say "it's a snowman!"

I often think of mandarins as a Christmas fruit, but they're actually available for a long time after all the toy Santas and LED lights have been packed away. Our family is partial to the mini sugar sweet mandarins over clementines. They peel easily and are incredibily juicy and sweet. They're also perfect for toddler fingers

Right now these tiny treasures are available in big bags for $2 at Valley Farm produce at Danforth and Logan. This is one of my favourite places for fresh fruits and veggies as the food is always fresh and always cheap. ...and it's a fantastic excuse for a family walk on a mild Sunday afternoon like today. I love the way the sidewalk is always conjested as passerbys stop to check out all the fresh offerings.

These oranges won't last long in your fruit basket. My daughter is on orange #6 right now.

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