Thursday, 2 February 2012

Easy nursery art

In advance of my son's birth in August, we moved my 2 year old daughter out of the nursery into a 'big girl room'. The nursery has some floating Ikea shelves in it that were filled with special mementos of my daughter, but have sadly remained virtually empty since my son moved in.'s the plight of the second child to not have as many keepsakes, I suppose!

Until I come up with some more special items to fill these shelves, I've come up with a temporary alternative. I collected a series of special books that we've received and put them up on the shelves. I like all the colour they add, and the way they can easily be switched around as the spirit moves me!

....and yes, I need to find a more visually pleasing clock. I love Tivoli's Model Three Clock Radio but am waiting patiently until one shows up on Craigslist.

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